Talking Gnocchi with Katie Caldesi

We had the exclusive opportunity to spend a morning drinking coffee with Katie Caldesi at Caffe Caldesi.  It’s always good to have somebody cook for you but Katie’s history is a touch more impressive than ours. She’s been shortlisted for the Andres Simon Award and the Guild Food Writers Cookery Book of the Year award after having launched her own Italian cookery book, as well as owning the only Italian cookery school in Central London and the highly regarded bar/restaurant Caffe Caldesi.


She admitted that she had never heard of the Gnocchi night traditi0n. But wasn’t surprised by the idea. ‘There’s a huge Italian footprint on Argentian food’ she commented.   After a bit of research later that afternoon, she even emailed us and offered to host a Gnocchi night so watch this space closely….


We discussed a few recipes; Roman Gnocchi – made from semolina wheat and Gnocchi Nudi (yes…naked Gnocchi but it’s mixed with spinach and ricotta). We ended up popping backstage at a cookery class to taste some of them and it was exquisite.  Both recipes can be found in Katie’s cookbook. We strongly urge you to check them out.  Easy to make and a fantastic treat.


We agreed that if we wanted to bring Gnocchi night to the UK than it’d be more than just recipes. The Italian dining experience is really about the experience; everything from the wine, table setting and the people that you invite.   Something that we’ll hopefully be looking at in future blog posts.


So hopefully, we’ll be able to have a bit of a reciepe up here  later in the year…  Watch this space closely and we’ll keep you informed.



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