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Slotted spoons for gnocchi

To be honest, id’ never owned one until I got ‘into’ gnocchi and now I can’t image how I managed without!

A slotted spoon is essential if you are to eat your gnocchi at their best.  As the gnocchi rise to the top of the pan during cooking, you scoop them off – and you can’t do that without one of these.

On Amazon there are 156 spoons to chose from. They are not exactly investment pieces unless you consider the rather pretty Portmeirion model with porcelain handle and their iconic flower designs. Is £11 extravagant?

My preference is for a soft grip handle – avoids accidental burning of hand – with steel bowl which  feels more durable and hygienic.

For style one would have to go for Robert Welch… The one pictured above can be found at John Lewis  (and is called a skimmer). This all gleaming metal version  comes in at a neat £16, unless eBay tells you otherwise!

I would avoid the wooden models because whilst they may appear cheaper, and may indeed be more eco- friendly, they really don’t suit the dishwasher!


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