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Gnocchi and mediterranean aroma

According to Chef Loic Malfait, when serving Gnocchi you should always think of paying tribute to the  Mediterranean diet.

There are so many combinations one can make.

Bell peppers, green onions, beats, cabbages, and of course tomatoes, are the substantial veggies.

Fresh, fragrant dill, basil, peppermint, and other herbs are always a must. Don’t forget the olive oil, Italian food doesn’t taste the same without it.


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Gnocchi shape and sauces

Why do Gnocchi have this funny shape?

At Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, Chef Loic Malfait tells us the secret to the perfect gnocchi dish. The potato dough’s shape is no stranger to that. Indeed, the shell shape retains the sauce in the curves and enables them  to fuse with the sauce.

Therefore, the Gnocchi’s shape is a witty way to make your dish yummier!

See previous post to learn how to make them look like they should:

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