We would love to hear from you, whether you have ideas about content, recipes you’d like to share or questions on something we’ve posted. To get in touch, please contact

We are interested in ideas about good gnocchi recipes and interesting people and places related to Gnocchi Night that have a good story behind them. Postings are usually brief, though we will consider longer articles that delve deeper into a topic. Sadly, because we don’t generate income from this site, we are unable to offer payment.

Please note that we may need to edit submissions for space and style.  Also, please include a short bio when submitting to us.

Try to think about the following categories when submitting:

  • Place Restaurants, shops and markets where you can get gnocchi or source gnocchi ingredients.
  • Recipes Any recipes that involve gnocchi.
  • History Cultural or historical stories around Gnocchi Night tradition.
  • People Chefs, greengrocers and family members who have added something to the way we can enjoy gnocchi.
  • Books The cookbooks that give us our best recipes and stories about food.
  • Links Our favourite internet sources on gnocchi and cooking.
  • Learning Where to go to improve your cooking and knowledge of food.

Media/PR Samples

Should you want to send your book or product for review, please mail it to:

Lawson Dodd

48 Welbeck Street

London W1G 9XL


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