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Gnocchi alla Ciociaria

Does your mind go blank as to what to prepare for dinner? Don’t worry here is something for you to drool over!

You will need: pancetta, porcini, garlic, onion, celery, carrots, parsley and sausage.

1. Heat the olive oil over a high heat until almost smoking. Then add the pancetta, porcini, garlic, onion, celery, carrots, parsley and sausage.

2. Cook over a high heat until the sausage is a little browned and the vegetables are tender.

3. Add half a glass of red wine. When it has evaporated, put the tomatoes and the pepper in the pan. Mix it all together and simmer over a low heat for about 30 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, cook the gnocchi in a large pan of boiling salted water, for about 2-3 minutes, until they rise to the surface.

5. Let them fry in a pan with butter (see photo above).

6. Once the sauce is nice and thick, put the gnocchi in a plate and cover with the sauce.

7. Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese and serve.


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Supper Clubs: A Super Idea

You may have read the article in today’s London Evening Standard about supper clubs. If not you can read it here. We’d actually started drafting something about supper clubs and got very upset that the Standard had beaten us but we really are excited about supper clubs and less about the foaming cumin….

Can you imagine being welcomed into a stranger’s home, and given a very hearty and tasty meal? Whilst it sounds a far fetched idea, supper clubs are taking over from the cupcake revolution as the hot trend for foodies this year.

The recent revival has been more of a reaction to fine dining establishments that have been known to charge you £26 for a salad! Supper clubs give diners an opportunity to enjoy gourmet food and a different kind of dining social experience without the extortionate prices.

This ties in with the Argentine tradition that takes place on the 29th of every month that we’re all fans of: Gnocchi Night. Falling just before payday when we’re all feeling the pinch, Gnocchi Night is a chance to sit down with friends and family to enjoy some belly-filling gnocchi – a dish that won’t break the bank or stretch your culinary skills too far.

We’ve pulled together a few tips from Debi Shawcross’ book, Friends at the Table: The ultimate Supper Club Cookbook and added a few of our own.  So give it a go, enjoy, let us know how it goes and send us some photos!

  • Definition – Shawcross recommends organising your group with eight to ten people. Regardless, make sure that everyone involved is committed to the same supper club goals – laugh, have fun, try going vegetarian?
  • Organisation – The supper club is designed to expand your palates so check people’s allergies and dietary requirements, when to eat, where to eat etc.
  • Cleaning – Consider the clean up. Make sure that it’s not always the same person.  The Gnocchi night tradition is that the host places a one peso coin under a plate, whoever sits there is the next host. We would recommend this.
  • Test the Recipes – If you’re new at cooking, or cooking something new to you, make sure that you try the dish first. Practice boosts confidence and relieves stress!

If you are feeling the pressure, as Gnocchi experts we’d certainly recommend Nigella’s roasted Gnocchi. A bit different but as easy as boiling Gnocchi.

If you don’t feel up to setting up your own but want to check one out, have a look at ten of London’s best secret supper clubs.

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